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At Skyline Build & Design, we specialize in crafting luxurious custom homes, tailored to your unique lifestyle and preferences. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to quality, we transform your vision into a reality.

Our team of experienced professionals works meticulously to ensure every corner of your home reflects your individuality and taste. We believe in not just building houses, but creating homes that are a true reflection of you.

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Skyline Build & Design Antelope Drafting Services

When you think about your dream home, it's the little details in how it looks that really matter. Skyline Build & Design is like a shining star of creativity and skill in Antelope's drafting world. They take a special approach to making designs that suit you and have a big range of styles that are both strong and beautiful. Skyline Build & Design makes sure your home feels just right for you, a place that's safe and looks amazing, a perfect spot made just for you and your style.

Who is Skyline Build & Design

Skyline Build & Design Inc, mentioned in the Antelope Business Journal, serves as a leading General Contractor Company in the San Francisco and Greater Antelope area. We’re a team that provides drafting services Antelope who take on everything from whole house remodeling projects that are large and complex to smaller remodel jobs like bathroom remodels. With our standard of excellence, we work hard to make sure clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Since the beginning, we’ve put in the extra work toward building and maintaining a strong reputation as a leading San Francisco General Contractor Company. We provide clients with a wide range of services to cover all their needs. No matter what your project might be, our team of local professionals is ready to bring your dreams to life.

We provide:

  • Precision
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
  • Trust

Our Drafting Services

1 | Custom Home Design

Custom home design is like making art, but instead of using paints or clay, we use bricks and beams to make a house that shows who you are. Skyline Build & Design listens to your awesome ideas and dreams to draw plans for a house that's special just for you. Think of it like when you decorate your room to make it feel cozy and cool, but this time, it's for your whole house!

Whether it is single or multi-family housing we can create a custom home for you

We make sure to use strong and safe materials, so your home is not only pretty but also a safe place where you can run around and have fun without worry. Our team is great at creating homes that look amazing and fit what you need. Whether you want a big, wide-open space or lots of little rooms for hide and seek, we can make it happen!

2 | Drafting Service Consultation

At Skyline Build & Design, we have a super helpful service called drafting service consultation. It's kind of like meeting with a really smart friend who knows everything about building cool houses. When you have big dreams about your perfect home but don't know how to start, our team of talented drafters come to the rescue! We sit with you, listen to your ideas, and then help figure out how to make them real. We talk about what you like, what you need, and provide creative solutions to your problems.

You get to work with an experienced drafter

Sometimes making a house can be confusing with all the choices you have to make, like what kind of windows you want or how big your living room should be. But don't worry; our residential drafters are really friendly and smart. They know all about building houses and can help you make those tough decisions. They're like guides on a treasure hunt, leading you to the treasure of building your dream home.

3 | Remodeling and Additions

Remodeling and additions are all about adding rooms, changing rooms, creating new things, and getting rid of old ones! Skyline Build & Design is experienced at helping people change their homes to make them even cooler. If your family gets bigger, and you need more room, or if you just want to change your house to make it look new and exciting, we can do it!

Change your home to your taste

We sit down with you and talk about all your fun ideas for your house. Maybe you want a bigger kitchen to bake cookies in, or perhaps a new playroom where you can have lots of toys. Our team knows how to turn those dreams into a real plan and then build it exactly how you want. We use safe tools and materials to make sure everything is perfect and that you can enjoy your new space with your family and friends.

4 | Interior Design Services

One of our specialties at Skyline Build & Design is our Interior Design Services. Imagine walking into a room that feels exactly like your dream space, with your favorite colors on the walls and comfy couches that you just want to jump onto. That's what we do! We talk to you and find out what makes you happy, creating a beautiful residential design that you and your family will never want to sell.

Our interior designers will help you through the entire process

Our team is filled with creative people who are really good at picking out the perfect furniture, curtains, and even pillows to create creative spaces for you and your family. We think about everything, from how the light comes in through the windows to where you'll put your games and toys. We want your house to be a place where you always feel happy and comfortable, a place that's all about you. Skyline Build & Design makes sure your home is not just a place to live but a cool space that tells your story.

5| Landscape Drafting Services

Landscape Drafting is like being an artist, but instead of drawing or painting, you get to design places outside like parks, gardens, and even the areas around your house. The landscape drafter at Skyline Build & Design is super talented at environmental design, creating outdoor spaces that are not just pretty but also fun to play and relax in. They think about where to put trees, flowers, and paths in the right places that look nice.

A beautiful yard can help a home pop

These landscape drafters also make sure that the outdoor part of your home matches with the inside. They talk to you about what you love to do outside, like maybe you enjoy having picnics or watching birds. Then, they come up with a plan that includes all the things you like. They can even design places where your pets can play safely. It’s like they are magicians who turn your dream outdoor space into a real place where you can have lots of adventures with your friends and family.

6 | 3D Rendering and Visualization

At Skyline Build & Design, we have a service called 3D Rendering and Virtual Reality Visualization which is apart of our design process. Imagine playing a video game where you can walk around and see how your home will look even before it's built - that's what we do! You can see how your rooms will look, what colors will be on the walls, and even where your furniture can go. It's like taking a peek into the future and seeing your dream home waiting for you! This software helps our residential designer create drafting drawings for the interior design and design of the homes.

You can see what your new home will look like before it is finished

Our graphic designers use special computers and programs to make a model of your new home in 3D. This way, you can take a virtual tour, walking through every room and seeing everything as if it were real. It's really fun because if you don't like where a window is or what color the kitchen is, we can change it with just a few clicks! This makes sure that your home will be exactly the way you want it, with no surprises making residential projects easier.

7 | Permit Acquisition and Compliance

You need different permits to start building, and each one has its own rules. Skyline Build & Design helps make this process in the drafting world easier.. We know exactly which permits you need and how to get them, so you don't have to worry. It's kind of like having a guide who knows all the shortcuts and secret paths that lead to the treasure of starting your project without any trouble.

We follow the rules

We also make sure that everything in your house follows the rules set by the city or town. These rules are important because they make sure your home is safe and doesn't cause any problems for your neighbors or the environment. Our team talks to the people in charge and handles all the paperwork, so your home project follows all the rules. This way, you can focus on the fun parts of designing and living in your new space, knowing everything is taken care of and up to code.

8 | Project Management

When you're building or redesigning your house, there are so many things to keep track of, like when the plumbers are coming, how much paint you need, or when the kitchen cabinets will be installed. That's where Skyline Build & Design's project management service comes into play. Think of it as having a super-organized friend who loves making lists and checking things off. Our project managers are like conductors of an orchestra, making sure every piece of your home project plays together in harmony.

What our project managers do

They coordinate with all the different teams, from drafters to builders, to make sure everyone is on the same page and the work is done right and on time. They're on the job site, making sure all the materials arrive when they should and that nothing is forgotten. Basically, they handle all the nitty-gritty details, so you don't have to. It's their job to tackle any surprises that pop up (because there's always something) and keep the project moving smoothly. We handle the logistics and make sure your project is completed without a hitch.

Community Planning Services

The same goes for community living spaces like parks, apartments, and town centers. We work with local authorities and community groups to create safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that bring people together. Our drafters consider the needs of the community, such as accessibility for all and preserving natural elements, while also making sure these spaces are welcoming and enjoyable for everyone.

What Can You Expect with Skyline Build & Design

Choosing Skyline Build & Design means you are choosing a partner committed to excellence in every aspect of your project, from the initial consultation to your move in day. Our drafting services ensures that every detail is planned and executed with accuracy.

We believe in transparent communication and collaborative effort, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality, exceeding expectations. Our associates drafters leverage the latest in design technology, materials, and construction techniques to deliver outstanding quality.

Check out our portfolio

We invite you to explore our portfolio of completed projects to witness the scope and quality of our work. Each project showcases our ability to transform visions into homes that resonate with our clients' desires and needs. Our attention to detail are evident in every space we create. By checking out our projects, you'll gain insight into the work of our team. We're not just builders; we're creators of spaces that stand the test of time.

Contact Us

To find out more about Skyline Build & Design or to go ahead and see what we can do with your drafting dreams reach out to us today. You can either get in touch with us by either hitting our CONNECT button in the top right or call us on our phone number (415) 480-4607. We will be happy to talk to you, get to know you, and help you with your dream.

Frequently Asked Antelope Drafting Questions

Are drafters worth the money?

Absolutely, drafters are worth the investment. They not only bring your vision to life with expertise and creativity but also possess the knowledge to make financial choices that will save you money. By foreseeing potential issues and optimizing the use of materials and space, drafters can help you avoid expensive errors and modifications, ultimately saving money in the construction and maintenance of your property.

How much are drafting fees?

On average, drafting firms fees can range from 8% to 15% of the total construction costs for residential projects. Each drafter will be different and it is best to talk to them directly to figure out that percentage.

When should you use a drafter?

You should use the services of a drafter when you're planning a new construction, making renovations, or when you need to make sure that your space does not just look good but also functional and aligns with local building codes. Drafters bring a wealth of knowledge in design, ergonomics, and materials, and can help translate your vision into reality, while also navigating the complex regulatory landscape.


In conclusion, Skyline Build & Design stands on innovation and excellence in the drafting and construction industry. With an approach that covers everything from project management to the creation of beautiful spaces, our team ensures that every project reflects our commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Our ability to turn drafting dreams into reality, while optimizing for both cost-efficiency and design excellence, makes us a trusted partner residential endeavors.

Choosing Skyline Build & Design means choosing an easy, stress-free experience that brings your vision to life with unmatched expertise and dedication. Our portfolio speaks volumes about our capacity to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, crafting spaces that are not just buildings, but landmarks of community and innovation. Whether you're contemplating a new construction project or seeking to breathe new life into an existing space, Skyline Build & Design is equipped to guide you through every step of the way, ensuring a final product that is both impactful and enduring.


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